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Commercial Real Estate Investment

*Feel free to forward us your Email & Contact Information as well as the amount you want to invest if you’re interested in Off Market Commercial Real Estate Properties For Sale

We are in the Process of gathering Investors interest list in an up coming Launch of a Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Fund.

Investors, are you interested in earning an Estimated 6% to 10% Preferred Return paid Monthly on 1 ST Trust Deed Mortgage Fund on Commercial Real Estate Properties in California ?

If your answer is “yes”, feel free to join our Interested Investors List below.

Note : Only a limited amount of investors will be reviewed & accepted.

Investment Program for Commercial Real Estate Investor | Capital Equity Inv, Inc.
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Note: This interest only list is only being offered to accredited investors only. These are persons that meet a certain income and or Net Worth Requirements. More information will be available once Fund is available.